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February 2017

Topics: Asset mapping, determining collective data parameters, creating a local asset map of connections that already exist within the ecosystem

Location: Fleet Science Center

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June 2017

Topics: Funding Opportunity, Resource Matchmaking

Location: University of San Diego

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September 2017

Topics: Presentation of Network Analysis data, Success Stories and Cross-sector collaborations

Location: SDG&E

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March 2018

Topics: Cross-sector Collaborations, Building of Models through Networks

Location: San Diego Natural History Museum

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October 2018

Topics: Reaching Latinx communities, families, and girls; cultivating STEM-learning and networks

Location: Jackie Robinson Family YMCA

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March 2019

Topics: Data informed decisions, collective impact, and the power of joining forces

Location: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Two women at table

June 2019

Topics: Community Engagement Guidelines for Excellence, Relationships and Collaborations

Location: South County Regional Education Center

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October 2019

Topics: Collective data sharing functionality and benefits, how to gauge the health of a network.

Location: San Ysidro Public Library

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February 2020

Topics: Science learning research, student activism/ community organizing, Ecosystem goals

Location: SDG&E Energy Innovation Center

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August 2020

Topics: Access, Connecting to content, Engaging learners

Location: Zoom

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October 2020

Topics: San Diego STEM collaborations, Covid pivots and looking ahead, Networking

Location: Zoom

Collab Lab 021821

February 2021

Topic: Goal setting

Location: Zoom

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June 2021

Topics: Past year progress, introduce goals for coming year, small panel on collaborative grant proposals

Location: Zoom


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