Learn about our recent Ecosystem-wide Collab Labs 



September 2017 Collab Lab

Purpose: To encourage and support collaboration between working groups and members of the San Diego STEM Ecosystem

March 2018 Collab Lab Discussion

March 2018 Collab Lab

Purpose: To identify and support the expansion and activation of existing models that are replicable across the network

Pondering about life

October 2018 Collab Lab

Purpose: To highlight efforts of the Ecosystem working groups, and to focus efforts on the Neighborhood Network initiative.


March 2019 Collab Lab

Purpose: To discuss the various ways data and metrics can be used for the benefit of Ecosystem partners and the communities they serve.

Collab Lab attendees participating in a group activity. They are also laughing!

June 2019 Collab Lab

Purpose: To emphasize the importance of collaboration and relationship-building, and how they are essential to creating a resilient and sustainable ecosystem.

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