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Would you like a free way for your students to learn about local STEM careers? Sign your school up to receive Science Delivered's STEM Trading Cards. These cards feature diverse STEM professionals that work in STEM careers in and around San Diego.

Each of your students will recieve card pack featuring 3-6 "STEMists." Cards are randomized so students will get different people. Cards are collectible and tradable. Web supplemental resources are being developed.

Reminder - cards are free! Please e-mail for card examples, or check our Twitter or Facebook feed.

Students love the cards!

Initiative is dependent on sponsor support.

Availability description

We will deliver cards to up to 8,000 K-8 students. This opportunity is first-come first serve with some consideration of geography.  The sign-up is for one card-pack/student but if successful will turn into a recurring event! Schools who sign up now receive first priority for future initiatives!

Note, cards are designed for younger students but may be appropriate for high school and older as well!

Age/Grade Level
Grades 1-2
Grades 3-5
Grades 6-8
Cost Range
Time of Day
All Day
Opportunity type
Work-based Learning
Area of Interest
General Science
Financial Support or Scholarship Available?
NGSS Aligned?
Location Address:
4925 Panama Place, San Diego, California, 92116
Contact Name:
Olivia Mullins

Science Delivered

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