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As a social change organization, The Energy Coalition (TEC) helps create an abundant and healthy world by inspiring others to become energy architects of our sustainable future. Working through our three core service areas – smart energy solutions, engagement and education, and energy policy leadership – we collectively achieve valuable environmental savings that benefit everyone.

TEC was founded over forty years ago by John Phillips, an early energy-efficiency pioneer. Phillips developed and managed some of the first energy cooperatives of building managers working together to collectively reduce energy demand.

Today, TEC is a leader in partnering with communities, public agencies, private companies, educators, and policymakers to design, implement and evaluate energy strategies. Our initiatives transform energy use, generate capital and move people to action.

Just as an architect guides you through design and construction as a creative visionary, problem solver, and advocate, TEC works with you to help realize your energy goals.

We listen and understand your unique energy needs and interests. We draw upon our expertise about energy to create customized plans – energy blueprints – that inspire sound energy practices for shared benefit. Through collaboration, we identify and bring together resources and stakeholders to engage people to create a healthy and abundant world.

TEC brings deep experience and expertise to ensure effective delivery “on the ground.” Our innovative design and implementation portfolio includes such programs as PEAK Student Energy Actions – a comprehensive sustainability education program which launched in 1975 and now reaches over 150,000 students; The Energy Network energy efficiency strategy, which provides turnkey energy efficiency services available to over 700 public agencies; The Community Energy Partnership, a community-based education and engagement strategy pioneered by TEC in 1994 and now adopted by CA’s four investor-owned utilities, and; TEC’s Predictive Analytics Customer Engagement Strategy which is leading the way in water efficiency to drive sustainable water and energy behaviors. In addition, TEC leads energy policy development through research, implementation of demonstration projects, drafting policy white papers and facilitation of statewide policy working groups.

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