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Inspired by her work as a public school math teacher, Sherry Lansing launched EnCorps in 2007 to address the lack of math and science proficiency among California students, as well as the shortage of qualified K-12 science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teachers. EnCorps recruits an untapped pool of career changing and retiring STEM professionals and retrains them to serve as teachers in high needs public schools. EnCorps’ motto is “Rewire, don’t retire.” EnCorps leverages a non-traditional teacher pipeline because Lansing is committed to the core belief that solutions uniting multiple generations are the key to access and equity in education.

EnCorps has recruited nearly 1,000 Fellows, impacting over 60,000 students in California. EnCorps prepares Fellows (STEM professionals) for teaching by providing them with training on working with students, field experiences including guest teaching and tutoring, teacher credentialing preparation and guidance, job placement assistance, and offering a robust professional development program to ensure teacher effectiveness.

On average, EnCorps Fellows have 17 years of professional STEM experience and 68% have earned a masters/PhD degree. Fellows leverage their STEM backgrounds and relationships they build with students to provide academic interventions in math and science, including individual and small group tutoring, guest teaching, and curriculum-based instruction.

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