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Barnes & Noble Innovation focuses on literacy and educational initiatives throughout San Diego County! We run large community STEM/STEAM events that include hands-on science experiments, robotics, coding, and literacy. One of the main ways we promote literacy is by partnering with educators to curate book kits that meet curriculum and program standards (including NGSS) to use in classrooms and across school districts. We also create Makerspaces for schools and help educators and students learn how to apply technology in the classroom. We enjoy bringing bestselling authors to Barnes & Noble stores, schools, and throughout the community to talk about their creative work and passion for STEM/STEAM. We are often able to provide donations and link programs to corporate sponsorships as well. Barnes & Noble Innovation is a new and growing program that is excited about big ideas, connections, and making STEM/STEAM accessible to all!

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10775 Westview Parkway, San Diego, California, 92126
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