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elevatEd Classrooms is rethinking how we support and empower classroom teachers. While there are many solutions out there on “what” to teach, eC is focused on “how” to implement. Combining theory with practice in real classrooms with real teachers and students, elevatEd Classrooms takes the guesswork out of bringing current impactful strategies to elevatEd classrooms.

Teachers are the most important part of school, and we believe in the power of teacher-led initiatives. elevatEd Classrooms works with K12 Administrators to identify and elevate existing teacher strengths in districts. elevatEd Teachers are leaders in their school communities and are empowered to scale their transformative classroom practices throughout their district.

elevatEd Leaders invest in the empowerment of elevatEd Teachers and create opportunities to scale classroom innovation. elevatEd Leaders reimagine school WITH their communities and families, not for them. elevatEd Classrooms facilitates cohesive, inclusive solutions and school policies with Whole Educational Communities using the science-and-engineering Design Process.

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