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The Academy of Edible Sciences & Ethno-gastronomy

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The Academy of Edible Science & Ethno-gastronomy (AESE) has two distinct program areas:
*Youth Test Kitchen- offering science enrichment classes through food-based investigations with local professional chefs and research scientists for middle and secondary-level students
*Migrateful Feast- 10-week refugee training program, transforming them from passionate home-cooks to professional ethnic cooking class teachers for our community.

AESE's "school of food" mission:
-To teach the integration of science and culinary arts as a relatable means for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) curriculum enrichment for local middle and secondary schools.
-To develop the skills and social support for the improvement and immersion of the lives of our at-risk and displaced community members through food-based training programs and empowering social awareness through food heritage demonstrations and refugee-taught ethno-gastronomy cooking classes for our community.
-To inspire our youth and community to hold enthusiasm and interest in science education, science research, and cultural awareness, all while helping build careers through the prism of food.

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