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Mind Treasures

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Mind Treasures is a San Diego-based public nonprofit organization established in 2006. Our focus is to provide financial literacy, leadership, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic skills, to all ages with emphasis on children and youth. Although monetary issues seem to be the main source of current financial challenges the root cause can be traced back to absence of virtues among individuals, families, and communities they live in. Mind Treasures has developed a unique curriculum (ABCs of Wealth) that combines character development with financial education, in order to raise a generation that is mentored to become financially stable and independent, and to use various forms of wealth such as knowledge, expertise, money, and time as well as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual muscles (virtues/character traits) to build stronger families, neighborhoods, communities, and a new world. Through these programs, attendees learn to build a solid foundation in saving, investing, sharing, and spending by developing key character traits such as patience, responsibility, moderation, thankfulness, selflessness, generosity, truthfulness, and many more. This development is complemented by learning the goal setting, consultative decision making, borrowing, and budgeting processes. Furthermore attendees learn the value and concept of wealth and various elements of banking services, interest, credit, basic taxes, and much more. While participants attain the necessary understanding of financial systems during workshops, they are mentored to work as teams within their family and community structure to implement and practice this knowledge in their daily financial lives as well as others around them. Complete outline of this curriculum can be viewed on Throughout the program participants utilize and improve their math skills to manage wealth. They are also introduced to life sciences that effect environment and their surrounding. Youth classes are often offered in collaboration with math, physics, and engineering teachers at high schools.

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