PLTW Partnership Team Guidebook

Through their experiences in PLTW programs, your students are learning in-demand, transportable skills such as problem-solving strategies, critical and creative thinking, and how to communicate and collaborate. They are applying what they know to solve hands-on problems, reflective of real-world scenarios and careers.
A strong PLTW community – including students, educators, and supporters – is instrumental in reinforcing student learning and creating opportunities for student recognition. It also connects your PLTW students to global and local challenges that capture their interests, and links the program to your broader community, business, and industry.
One key strategy to build community around your PLTW program is to form a PLTW Partnership Team. A PLTW Partnership Team is a group of collaborative stakeholders that provides leadership and action to support and enhance PLTW student learning experiences. PLTW Partnership Teams play a vital role
in the sustainability and efficacy of PLTW programs. A strong PLTW Partnership Team has the potential to help support your program and help build it into an exemplary, sustained program with influence that reaches beyond the bounds of your school and into the workforce.