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Increase Early Childhood engagement in STEM education through professional development.

Share resources for parents, adult caregivers and early childhood educators to support early learners in STEM.

Encourage and expand STEM educational opportunities for children ages 0-8.


Activities at home or in the classroom

Activities for early learners and adult caregivers


Activities in the Community

Opportunities in the community for you to do with your STEM learner


Early Childhood STEM Partners

Here are your community STEM experts


Additional Resources

Educational literature and STEM books for kids


Professional Development Workshops

See below for a list of professional development workshops to help educators tackle STEM in the classroom or at home!

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Professional Development Workshop details


Full Workshop Descriptions



Everyday Opportunities in STEM

In this workshop, participants will get a comprehensive introduction to STEM by unpacking the knowledge and skills that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics ask of learners.

Ideal for parents or educators, this workshop will support participants in understanding the underlying dimensions of STEM learning, as well as, how to infuse STEM ideas and practices into everyday experiences at both home and school.

STEM in Storytime

This fun and engaging workshop offers a hands-on approach for educators to explore practical ways for using questioning strategies in order to enrich learning and expose students to STEM concepts at an early age.

Aligned with the NGSS, this workshop presents methods for using a text (fiction or non-fiction) as the context for problem solving and critical thinking.

Low-Tech STEM

You can’t teach STEM if you don’t have an iPad or a laptop, right?

Wrong! This workshop will give you an overview of strategies and resources that allow you to implement STEM learning without the hi-tech price tag.

Geared towards educators, this workshop will provide participants with opportunities to review and improve lesson plans in order to allow for more exploratory learning opportunities that emphasize STEM concepts and processes.