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Weren't able to attend the Collab Lab on October 16th? This post contains an overview of what was said and deliberated.

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Many have attributed role models and mentors as the foundation to their success in pursuing a STEM career. Hear from Jennifer Behrens on how mentors influenced her decision to study cyberecurity.


Acting on recommendations of top national education experts, the federal government listed "participation of all Americans in STEM ecosystems" as a top priority.


This workshop centered around a continued community conversation on evaluation practices and recommended approaches to measuring processes and successes.

Traveling Trunk Project

The Ecosystem is delighted to highlight the Climate Kids' Traveling Trunk project, an initiative that stemmed from a partnership between the Center for Climate Change and Climate Science Alliance.

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New Stanford research shows that sentences that frame one gender as the standard for the other can unintentionally perpetuate biases.

Girls building

Check out this informative article written by Linda Kekelis, the Family Engagement advisor for STEM NEXT and the Founder of Techbridge.

Engaging Youth

This post reaffirms the value of the STEM Learning Ecosystems network that shares valuable resources and information with each other. Read this post by Emily Dilger from the Bay Area STEM Ecosystem.

Drawing of a tool bag holding who you know, how you think, what you do, and who you know - your science capital

What is "science capital?"

Environmental Education Workshop Walk

The workshop focused on strategies and ways educators and teachers alike can incorporate engineering practices and thinking into student conservation activities and projects in their classrooms.