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Energy poster

As the world came to a halt and schools began to shut down in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us sheltering at home turned on lights and appliances and increased our energy use.

"Now more than ever, it is easier for not only children, but all of us to apply STEAM Education in real life applications."
By Jasmine L. Sadler, The STEAM Collaborative CEO+Visionary

A reflection piece by Jaclyn Sarnese, Elevated STEM Teaching consultant.

Marina and goat

Marina is a research scientist at InhibRx. She grew up watching her grandparents work as pharmacists and immediately knew that she also wanted to dedicate herself to helping people.

Elizabeth in ranger uniform

Meet Elizabeth, she is a park ranger in Muir Woods whose job includes habitat restoration and ecosystem services, as well as giving tours to park visitors to teach them about the natural world.

Dr. Alba Solsona

Alba is an acoustic ecologist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Her hobbies include climbing and surfing, but the list of passions that define her goes much further.

Ivel and three high schoolers

Ivel spoke to a class at Kearny High, School of Digital Media and Design about her circuitous path to becoming an underrepresented STEM professional for their STEM Stories: A School of Digital Media.

Woman emphatically communicating to her table companions

Weren't able to attend the Collab Lab on October 16th? This post contains an overview of what was said and deliberated.

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Many have attributed role models and mentors as the foundation to their success in pursuing a STEM career. Hear from Jennifer Behrens on how mentors influenced her decision to study cyberecurity.


Acting on recommendations of top national education experts, the federal government listed "participation of all Americans in STEM ecosystems" as a top priority.